Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Distance Formula

Hi all! This is my new blog about the distance formula in mathematics. This is broadly searched topic, so I created to make a simple blog around it. We are talking about the distance between any random two points on a Cartesian coordinate system. It's calculated by a simple formula, for which you only need the exact coordinates of the points. Here it is:

d - the distance between the points
x1,x2 - the coordinates of the first point
y1,y2 - the coordinates of the second point

The calculation is really not a brainer. It's completely simple, you can make this calculation even using a simple calculator. It will take you some time this way, too. This is why we created a simple tool, that can make this calculation for you in under a second of time. Here it is, you just need to enter some information about your points, you would like to find the distance between.

Distance Calculator

Distance Formula The distance between A and B
Point A Point B
(xA, yA) (xB, yB)
This is it, it's really fast. The slower thing here is to enter the required information. However, the tool is working swell. If you need some additional information about it, please don't hesitate to drop us a note. Also, don't forget to share this tool with friends, if you like it and find it useful. Thanks in advance!